Hampley - fair & sustainable vegan backpacks made from hemp

The vegan backpacks by Hampley are not only made of sustainable materials, but also really stylish. Perfect for everyday use!

For the two founders Rafiq and Marvin, sustainability comes first, but sustainability doesn't just mean that their backpacks are made from sustainable materials. They also pay attention to the quality of workmanship to ensure that their backpacks are durable.

Hampley is trying to go completely plastic-free and wants to show the benefits of hemp as a sustainable and vegan material.

By using hemp as the main material, more than 80% water is saved

  • No pesticides are used
  • CO2-neutral
  • Extremely tear resistant
  • No microplastic


  • ‎€59.95
  • ‎€59.95
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled