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Fawwi - Upcycling and sustainability in every product design

Fawwi designs and manufactures high quality and unique upcycled products with real craftsmanship. The brand has been involved in recycling and upcycling since 2011, producing bags, backpacks, belts and wallets. The name stands for "Für Alles Was Wichtig Ist". The entire production takes place in Germany.

Fawwi is always using new raw materials, common upcycling materials have included air mattresses, jackets, three-piece sleeping mattresses, vintage car covers. The combinations of colours and historical materials as well as the satchel buckles are now Fawwi's trademark.

Each upcycled bag is unique, telling its own story and perfectly matching your sustainable lifestyle. A great service that reflects the sustainability of the brand: Fawwi offers a repair service for their own products and also for third-party models. They renew webbing, buckles, press studs, eyelets, inner pockets or zips so that you can enjoy your favourite pieces for a long time to come. Feel free to write to us if you would like us to contact you.

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