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Crystal and Sage - gemstone jewellery from Berlin, fairly made, sustainable and vegan.

Crystal and Sage is a jewellery label from Berlin with the aim: to take gemstone jewellery out of the dusty kitsch corner and to be stylish, wild and authentic. Handmade jewellery and gemstones from South America are combined to create a unique mix. The jewellery is not flawless - showing the authenticity of the stones is the intention.

All Crystal and Sage products are vegan but the company also places great importance on where the gemstones come from and that all workers are treated fairly. The gemstones, for example, come from a small Brazilian family production where everyone is paid fairly.

The necklaces used have been produced in Germany for 70 years and are gold-plated or silver-plated ball or curb chains in tombac quality. Tombak is a high-quality metal alloy with a high proportion of copper and zinc. It is very similar to gold due to its optical and physical properties, stable and durable.

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