Ecoalf - vegan shoes and accessories from Spain

"Because there is no planet B" - for Ecoalf this sentence is more than just their slogan, it reflects everything that makes this company tick!
Ecoalf was founded in 2009 by Javier Goyeneche in Spain. Alf stands for Alfredo, Javier's son, who was born in the year the company was founded. Javier founded the company out of frustration at how wastefully the world's limited resources are used and how much waste is produced in the process. His credo was to create the first fashion brand that was entirely sustainable.

We love how Ecoalf defines its own "DNA", which includes sustainability, innovation and sustainable design. Sustainability is related to the planet and future generations, it's about acting responsibly. Social, economic and environmental issues are considered as a whole at Ecoalf. The sustainable design refers to the look of the shoes and clothing, which should not "go out of fashion" but have a timeless design so that they are worn for as long as possible. The innovations include a new, sustainable company concept, but also the materials used. Ecoalf wants to pollute the world as little as possible. Therefore, recycled materials are preferably used, so less energy as well as water is needed and less greenhouse gases are produced.

The upper material of the vegan shoes consists of recycled nylon, sorona and cotton, the soles are made of recycled car tyres and algae. The shoes are not glued as conventionally, but are fused to the sole, which not only saves glue, but also makes the shoes extremely durable. Ecoalf was not founded as a purely vegan company, since 2020 Ecoalf no longer uses any raw materials of animal origin. The nylon is made from recycled fishing nets and recycled PET bottles, which Ecoalf fishes out of the sea through their "Clean the Ocean" project. Sorona is a fibre that contains 37% corn starch and thus consists of a renewable raw material.

In order to be able to make sustainability transparent, Ecoalf only accepts suppliers that have at least a Bluesign certificate or the Standard 100 from Oeko-Tex and are also equipped with the REACH standard.

This transparency is not only found in the products, but also in the production. Ecoalf produces in Thailand and China, for example, and we find it valuable to be able to show that fair production that meets all social requirements is also possible there. Ecoalf only works with companies that are at least BSCI or SA8000 certified. Ecoalf is one of only about 2400 companies worldwide that have been awarded the B-Corporation certificate. These companies are committed to the principle that it is not pure economic success that is decisive, but that "corporate power" must be used for good.

These companies have the highest standards in terms of social and environmental issues as well as transparency and responsibility. They are obliged to do something about the social and environmental problems with all the possibilities available to a company.
It can be compared to a Fair Trade certification, but it applies to the entire company and goes beyond the boundaries of manufacturing.
So if you're looking for sustainable, fair and vegan sneakers, Ecoalf is the trendy brand for you.



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  • ‎€27.97
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled