ZAQQ barefoot shoes

ZAQQ - barefoot shoes made in Germany

Zaqq is a German company that not only has its headquarters there, but all models are made in its own production facility in Leipzig, Germany.

Zaqq still puts real shoemaking art into practice, because every shoe is lovingly handmade. Meanwhile, Zaqq offers more and more vegan models that are fantastically crafted, fairly produced and the materials are sustainable. Zaqq stands out from other barefoot manufacturers with all these points!
Our feet have evolved over millions of years and the muscles, tendons and joints form a complex structure. Good barefoot shoes take this into account and allow us to walk naturally, which reduces back pain and prevents it. A shoe with large volume in the front area gives the ball of the foot and the tips of the toes sufficient space so that they can expand naturally when walking. A flat zero heel sole ensures mobility of the ankles and prevents malpositioning of the entire body. The light cushioning of the vegan Zaqq shoes is easy on the joints and provides a great walking experience. Inside the shoes you can see the so-called strobel stitching. This process stands for genuine shoemaking craftsmanship and can only be found in shoes that are still made by hand.
On average, a vegan shoe from Zaqq weighs just 200 grams, making them one of the lightest barefoot shoes on the market. Another special feature is the lasts used. Men's and women's feet differ not only in size. A woman's foot is completely differently proportioned, the heel is narrower and they have a wider forefoot. Nevertheless, many manufacturers use the same last shapes for women and men (combination lasts). Zaqq uses separate lasts for women's and men's feet, which further optimises the natural gait. You can squeeze, compress and crumple your Zaqq shoes, which shows you how great these shoes are constructed! We love the whole concept and work of Zaqq and are happy to offer you these great vegan shoes.



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Made in Europe
Fair & social