KAALEE - sustainable, vegan jewellery with cork from German production

KAALEE is an ecological jewellery manufacturer, the entire production takes place in Germany. During the production of fashion, such as bags and accessories, there are always offcuts, the basic idea of the brand is to recycle exactly these offcuts.

Since 2019, the jewellery has been made in Pforzheim using traditional craftsmanship. In times of fast fashion, the label wants to return to conscious consumption with its fairly and sustainably produced jewellery. In addition to recycled raw materials, KAALEE also pays attention to short transport routes and does not use plastic. Cork is an ecological, renewable material that itself binds a lot of CO2.

The special concept: about 60% of the work on the jewellery, such as assembling, assembling and shipping, takes place in facilities for people with disabilities. With the purchase of a KAALEE piece of jewellery, you are supporting meaningful work in social workshops.

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