Viktoria Moser

Viktoria Moser - High Heels and Flats with Inner and Outer Beauty

this short message precisely describes the idea behind Viktoria Moser's shoe label of the same name. The Hamburg-based designer uses "vegan leather" for her collections in order to exclude animal suffering and to inspire women with alternatives to classic leather. With success.

When Viktoria Moser launched a shoe collection for women in 2019, she didn't just have design in mind. With her label VIKTORIA MOSER, she is just as concerned with the future and respectful treatment of the planet. The planet - just like the animal world - should not have to suffer as a result of her designs. The logical consequence for Viktoria? Bye-bye, animal products. For her label of the same name, the committed animal rights activist has consistently said goodbye to all animal products and instead relies on environmentally friendly alternatives. So the vegan high heels score not only with outer beauty, but also with inner beauty.

The VIKTORIA MOSER credo? A modern company must take responsibility for its actions.

For Viktoria, animals are a source of inspiration, not her raw materials. That is why you will look in vain for leather, fur, feathers, silk and adhesives of animal origin in her PETA Approved Vegan certified flats, sandals, pumps & heels. Instead, she uses "vegan leather" for her collections. This is admittedly more expensive to "produce". But animal suffering is 100 percent excluded. Less animal suffering = more fun. 

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