Jonny's Vegan
Jonny's Vegan

Jonny's Vegan - vegan shoes from Germany

John W. Shoes was founded in 1608 by shoemaker Johann Wagener. As far as we know, it was the first German company to launch a purely vegan collection in Germany with "Jonny's vegan". The long family tradition is reflected in the know-how. The shoes have a top quality, they are extremely durable and always have that certain something. When you hold a pair of Jonny's vegan shoes in your hands, you immediately notice how well they are made!

All shoes are still made by hand and the production takes place 100% in Spain under fair conditions. We are particularly fond of the patented natural latex sole, which is used in most models. This unique sole consists of 70% natural latex and 30% herbs. The natural latex comes from Brazil and is tapped from rubber trees there without harming them. The herbs are collected by hand in Spain and the leftovers from herb factories are used. Each of these soles is cast by hand in Spain and is therefore unique. The soles are durable and super elastic, making the shoes very comfortable and adaptable to the foot and gait.



  • ‎€49.5
  • ‎€49.5
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled