Novesta vegan shoes

Novesta - stylish vegan shoes and sneakers

Novesta stands for tradition and real urban lifestyle. Behind every shoe are decades of experience and handwork down to the last detail. Novesta was founded in Slovakia in 1939, and the models are still made today using the same processes and old machines. Novesta is one of the oldest brands that has produced exclusively in Europe since its foundation until today. Along the entire supply chain, only raw materials that are transparent, fair and sustainable are used. These include VFCS-certified natural rubber from verified suppliers and GOTS-certified organic cotton uppers.

The special feature: Novesta shoes are not glued, but vulcanised. In this method, the upper material is literally fused with the sole. This gives the shoes their special look and makes them incredibly durable and robust. Novesta has its own rubber production, so they achieve an unchallenged quality in the soles.

The Star-Master is Novesta's most famous model, which we are pleased to present to you. The special character comes from the vulcanisation, which guarantees the authenticity of the sneakers as well as an incredible durability. During vulcanisation, the rubber sole is literally fused with the upper material. The Star-Master has been a popular shoe throughout Europe since the 1960s. For 70 years now, the stylish Star Master has been produced unchanged in the unmistakable design and has been appreciated by many generations ever since.



  • ‎€69
  • ‎€69
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social