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1 People is a Danish slow fashion brand that creates sustainable clothing for women. Minimalism is at the heart of 1 People, so all products are carefully handmade. The brand is committed to people and the planet, and prices are always set so that all contributors are paid fairly. 1 People has all the important certificates, including the Gots certificate. It is one of the most comprehensive certifications, certifying that no bleach, formaldehyde or other toxic substances are used in the production process, from cultivation to the final product. It also guarantees social standards, with a safe working environment and fair pay. The Bluesign label certifies a safe and sustainable ecological process, limiting pollutants throughout the process. 1 People is not only directly committed to the workers, but they also want to encourage future companies to rethink, because classical economics is only about maximising profits and not enough about ethical aspects. The education programme is called "Business for Planet". 1 People has set up this project to educate and empower new entrepreneurs of tomorrow to deal with the world in a sustainable and ecological way. This free global education programme is supported by 1 People's profits. Some of the sustainable materials used by 1 People include Pinatex, Tencel, linen, Econyl and vegan silk. If you're looking for sustainable fashion for women, check out 1 People's products!

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Made in Europe
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Fair & social
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