Toilet paper

Sustainable toilet paper - eco-friendly  & 100% vegan

Toilet paper is one of these things where you can easily choose a more sustainable alternative without even noticing a difference. Even though most toilet paper is vegan, that does not mean it's also very eco-friendly, as on the one hand, it does not break down as fast as you might think - it can take several years to fully decompose, crazy right? On the other hand, it uses up valuable primary resources such as wood.

We have the solution for you - Bamboo! Yes, toilet paper made from bamboo is more sustainable than both recycled and virgin toilet paper. And above all it is also a lot softer and breaks down much quicker, without leaving a trace.

The best thing about bamboo is of course that it grows very fast and almost all across the globe, which makes it the perfect resource to make toilet paper from. It doesn't need to be bleached, even though bleached versions also exists, it doesn't clog up your pipes, it is super soft and 100% vegan!

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Plastic free
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled