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Vegan chocolate and pralines

If you're looking for dairy-free chocolate because you're allergic or because you've realised that we don't need to consume the milk of another species, look no further, because our selection of vegan chocolates, pralines and nibbles is just what you need.

A lot of our chocolate is certified fair trade and organic, without pesticides, which makes them even more delicious as you can enjoy it guilt-free. We all know that the commercial chocolate industry is one of the most exploitative industries out there. Not only do the big brands that you can buy in supermarkets exploit the workers who collect and process the cocoa beans, they also don't care about the environment, nor habitat destruction due to palm oil farms and the like.

In addition, with most commercial chocolate, you not only pay for suffering in the form of dairy and exploitation of the workers, but also for lots of unethical palm oil and most of all sugar.

This is where our vegan chocolate comes in! We make sure that if our chocolate contains palm oil, it is from renewable and sustainable sources and that all the workers are treated fairly. Most of our chocolate is fair trade and even bean to bar certified.

If you don't like the artificial sweetness of commercial chocolate, you need to try our vegan pralines! Made from only natural, high-quality ingredients, they will absolutely wow you. Take for instance the handmade pralines from Krzywa Czekolada a small manufacturer from Poland making just the most amazingly looking vegan pralines you have ever seen. The perfect Christmas gift or birthday present for a loved one. With these ethical chocolates, you will be able to conquer any heart out there, even if they don't have a sweet tooth.

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