Say no to disposable plastic - our drinking bottles and reusable cups

With our sustainable drinking bottles made of stainless steel and glass, you can set an example. Away from polluting single-use plastic and towards a better, cleaner environment.

Of course, all our products are vegan.

However, reusable drinking bottles to take with you are not only good for nature because they avoid unnecessary plastic waste, they are also ultimately cheaper because tap water is much more affordable than bottled water. Thus, the purchase of such a bottle has already paid for itself after a few filling cycles.

Drinking bottles made of metal and glass can of course also be fully recycled and therefore do not end up in landfills or incinerators.

What's more, you can stay hydrated at all times if you always carry your water bottle with you. This way, you always have the water you need at hand and drink more throughout the day.

Our reusable cups and coffee cups are also a super sustainable and money-saving alternative to paper cups.

On the one hand, they keep your coffee or tea warm for longer and your cold drinks cool for longer, so you can enjoy your drink more.

On the other hand, you also avoid unnecessary waste, as most paper coffee cups are only used once, and then only for a very short time.

But you can also save money with reusable coffee cups. For example, you can take your coffee from home in the morning and drink it comfortably on the bus, in the train or in the car without having to worry about spilling it. Many of our coffee mugs are leak-proof and won't spill if they accidentally fall over.

What's more, various cafés and coffee shops now offer discounts if you bring a cup with you for a to-go drink. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet.

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