cleaneroo window cleaner 500ml spray attachment

cleaneroo window cleaner 500ml spray
The Cleaneroo window cleaner cleans windows without streaks, without the need to re-polish. It removes extremely quickly dirt and grime on glass, mirrors, reflector lamps, stainless steel, light lime deposits and much more. The high-quality sprayer is designed for durability and the Cleaneroo bottle can be refilled and reused.

Content: 500 ml (with sprayer)


Ingredients: high purity demineralized water, less than 5% cleaning power


Caution: Must not get into the hands of children - risk of swallowing!

Sustainable advantages:
- free of fragrances, flavors and dyes
- highly pure product
- 100% biodegradable
- manufactured in Germany
- non-toxic to humans, animals and nature
- free of surfactants and alcohol
- CO2 neutral
- bottle made from renewable raw materials
- certified Nature Care Product (NCP)

The Nature Care Product standard is an environmental labeling für detergents and cleaning products, but also toys and Düngemittel. The standard stands for products that consist of the most natural ingredients possible and do not pollute the environment.


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