DENTTABS - Strawberry (125 pieces) - with fluoride

DENTTABS Strawberry (125 pieces) - with fluoride
Denttabs toothbrush tablets Strawberry for children and adults go beyond brushing: they polish your teeth smooth thanks to the high content of cellulose. Developed by dental professionals. Natural, sustainable, foam-free.

How you brush with the toothbrush tablet - Use in the morning and evening:
1. chew tablet on the molars.
2. moisten toothbrush.
3. brush teeth as usual.

- White teeth
- With the toothbrush tablet, your teeth are polished to a high gloss.
- Smooth teeth
- Due to the cellulose in the tablet, your teeth are polished ultra-smooth to the interdental spaces. Therefore, new particles on the tooth surfaces simply roll off.
- Healthy teeth
- The toothbrush tablets provide a proven unique fluoride effect in the mouth, which protects your teeth from decay in the long term.

Sustainable benefits:
- 100% Vegan
- 100% Plastic Free
- Natural Cosmetics - COSMOS-Natural
- Natural polishing without microplastics
- Industrially compostable packaging - based on PLA, a bio-plastic based on corn, which is bio-based and biodegradable.

Microfine cellulose fibers (Microcrystalline Cellulose)
The cellulose fibers in the toothbrush tablets are obtained from woody plant parts. Of course FSC certified and grown in the EU. It is a long-chain polysaccharide that can polish your teeth ultra-smooth to the interdental spaces. That's why new particles simply roll off the surfaces of your teeth. Coatings, also known as plaque, can practically not even arise.

After some experiments and a lot of research, first a granulate was created. More out of curiosity, it developed into a tablet, which was first sold in the fall of 2003. It turned out that few ingredients is the answer to the question of sustainable dental care. Axel Kaiser has dedicated himself to what is probably the most sustainable dental care of all and is taking DENTTABS all over the world.

Free from plastics
Zero waste
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Fair & Social
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