Eco friendly teak leaf leather passport case

Teak leaf leather passport cover: stylish elegance for eco-conscious travelers

Your search for the ideal passport cover for the style-conscious traveler is over - the Teak Leaf Leather Passport Cover! Made from natural and eco-friendly materials, this cover is the perfect choice for travelers who not only want to travel in style, but also in an environmentally conscious way.

Natural teak leaf leather for timeless beauty

Our teak leaf leather passport cover will captivate you with its warm and natural look. This unique material adds a touch of elegance and environmental awareness to your travel. Unlike traditional leather, you can be sure that this cover will help you protect the environment and still make a stylish appearance.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

We are proud that our passport cover is made from natural and sustainable materials. You can travel in style without forgetting about the environment. By purchasing this cover, you are making a statement for a sustainable lifestyle while protecting the beauty of our natural world.

Practical and compact for traveling

Our passport cover not only offers style and environmental awareness, but also practical functionality. It offers enough space for your passport and additional cards, so you are well organized. Its light weight and compact size make it effortless to store and always at your fingertips when you need it.

The Teak Leaf Leather Passport Case is the perfect choice for travelers looking for style, environmental awareness and functionality in one accessory. Make your travels a stylish statement and make a statement about protecting our environment. Get your passport case today and experience the perfect combination of elegance and sustainability.

  • Features: "With 3 card slots, a passport pocket and a multi-purpose pocket for boarding cards and banknotes."
  • Dimensions: "Compact size of 13.5 x 2.5 x 10 cm (L x W x H) for easy stowage in your bag or carry-on."
  • Weight: "Lightweight passport case weighing only 0.111 kg - ideal for traveling."

Leaf Leather
Vegan leather
Zero waste
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
From recycled materials
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