HOUSE PLANT CARING MAT | Second-life canvas potting tarp

Use this potting tarp to avoid the mess when caring for your plants at home (repotting, pruning, …).

Limited edition. 
A perfect gift for conscious plant lovers.

60 x 70 cm

How to use
Before use, close the metal snap buttons to assemble the caring mat.
As a water-resistant and durable material, it is easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Additional information
Our houseplant caring mat is handmade of a second-life canvas, which was rescued before ending up in the trash. Tolerance for some imperfections is required!
Each caring mat is unique, with patterns and colours that vary. As a bonus, by purchasing our houseplant caring mat, you are helping to reduce the waste of valuable materials and, consequently, saving resources.

Second-life canvas and metal snap buttons.

Zero waste
Made in Europe
Fair & Social
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