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A Perfect Jane
The story of A Perfect Jane Hi, I am Suzanne and as a huge animal friend, with a great passion for nature and also for fashion, I want to show this can all go together. The strong connection with my dog Jane inspired me to go vegan years ago. When I was looking for trendy vegan boots, I could not really find what I was looking for, so I decided to design them myself. A Perfect Jane is designed for real fashionistas, who want to feel good and look great, without making any concessions in quality. And for those who also want to contribute to a better world. Cruelty-Free, Sustainable and Looking Great! That is our mission.
ACE is a Circular Fashion brand turning waste into sporty chic bags for Active, Chic & Eco souls! Our mission is to make sustainable fashion accessible and "glamorous" by designing timeless statement pieces for #gymworktravel. Highly functional, lightweight, versatile, ultra spacious with plenty of pockets, resistant and machine washable, our totes, backpacks and cosmetic bags are your best allies to keep up with demanding lifestyles. We close the loop by recycling our end-of-life products into new ones, we use minimum new resources thanks to innovative recycled & recyclable materials and we produce ethically with low environmental impact. 1% of our sales goes to the Healthy Seas Foundation for ocean cleaning up initiatives.
AIDA Werbung und Marketing GesmbH
The climate crisis is here. We have to go new ways. If you want to go new ways, you need the right shoes. "Lagom" is Swedish and means something like "just enough" or "just right" or "just right". Everyone in Sweden knows that vegan köttbullar have to be "lagom stora, lagom runda och lagom bruna", i.e. " this big, this round and this brown". Lagom doesn't mean doing without, it doesn't mean going back to the Stone Age, lagom means living appropriately, appropriately for you, for nature, for the environment, for the planet, for the people who produce your products, appropriately for everyone and everything. Lagom.
Anifree is a compound word comprised of "Animal" & "free". We are an online shoe store offering you fair and sustainable vegan shoes.
AVBM SAS - Life Loving Foods
The vegnpro mixes from life loving foods® are vegan substitutes for meat (crumble and cutlet), fish (fillets and crusty), eggs (brownie and dough) and dairy products (creamy sauce and soup). All life loving foods® vegnpro mixes are based on our blend of optimized proteins (soya, wheat, peas and coconut) and optimized fibers (soluble and insoluble) including our blend of superfoods (psyllium, flax, quinoa, ginger , lemongrass…) and are keto friendly (low in net carbohydrates).
Belaine Manufaktur
BELAINE - A vegan label that produces unique and limited-edition bags from high-quality materials. With an eye on sustainable production and individuality, all bags are designed and manufactured in our own studio. It goes without saying that we pay great attention to impeccable material quality by carefully checking all fabrics and materials before processing. The entire range is absolutely free of animal components. A long-lasting bag needs time in the production process. At Belaine there are no materials that are glued or fused in a fast process. All individual parts are painstakingly joined with real seams. We focus on handwork and flawless products. In order to guarantee a special individuality, all bags and accessories are produced in small editions. You will not find mass-produced goods here. But if you live and love an individual style, appreciate something different and prefer the unusual to the mainstream, you've come to the right place. Handmade - Vegan - Limited More