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Vegan bags

Our vegan bags are completely leather-free and no other animal products are used. That alone already makes them amazing, but they have even more to offer! Good vegan bags are an overall concept of sustainable materials and fair production. Long gone are the days when vegan bags were just uncool jute bags, today you can find them in all colours and shapes. From the simple handbag to the stylish clutch, as a vegan marketplace we offer you bags for all activities. Traditionally, bags are often made from leather, but not all traditions are good, it's time to rethink and use innovative materials for bags. Our vegan bags are mainly made in Europe with a lot of attention to detail and a high quality standard. There are many materials that are perfect for making beautiful bags. Faux leather bags are very durable and scratch resistant, cotton is purely natural and has a great look. So you can comfortably shop for what you like, whether recycled or organic, vegan bags are available for every taste!

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Vegan bags are better!

Leather is not only a "waste product" of the industry, but the skin of animals that have suffered for it. Apart from this ethical question, there are other arguments in favour of making your next purchase vegan. Leather is not, as many think, a natural product that is biodegradable. Due to the tanning process, leather has nothing in common with a natural raw material and it is not biodegradable. On the contrary, when classic leather is burned, heavy metals are released. These heavy metals already endanger the environment and all the people involved in the production process. Vegetable tanned leather does not contain heavy metals, but this type of tanning, which takes up to 48 months, wastes a lot of water. Furthermore, the animal industry is the biggest CO2 emitter worldwide and thus leather has an incredibly bad carbon footprint. Leather has long ceased to be a sign of quality; instead, it is now the vegan bags that are made with innovative materials. For example, vegan leather can be made from recycled PET bottles, which is more shock- and scratch-resistant than leather. Vegan leather does not require any special care and it does not become dull or brittle. Try your first vegan bag and let us, your vegan marketplace, convince you.

Vegan and fair trade backpacks

Do you fancy an adventure holiday and need a suitable travel backpack or how about a backpack for the city? When choosing a new backpack, you no longer have to make any compromises. You don't have to choose between looks and sustainability, because vegan backpacks offer you both together. Whether cotton, jute or canvas, our backpacks are beautiful, sustainable, fair and durable, perfect for anyone who wants to live a green lifestyle. No one needs leather, which is also evident in vegan backpacks, because cork, apple leather, pineapple leather, all these material are not only animal suffering free, but also more sustainable than leather and have a better eco-balance. Feel free to browse our online shop, we are sure you will find something you like. In traditional retail you can also find backpacks and bags without leather, but many of these are not vegan, as the glue contains bone meal and e.g. individual patches can also be leather. Vegan leather is not comparable to cheap artificial leather, which is only used for cost reasons.

Vegan leather bag from Europe

We are your vegan marketplace for Europe. A large part of our bags are produced in Italy, Spain and Portal. In Europe, the employees are paid fairly and there is a high standard of occupational safety. In Asia, this can be very different. People are exploited and nature is heavily polluted due to poor environmental regulations. Of course, fair and sustainable production is also possible in Asia and that is why we offer vegan products from different countries, but our focus is on vegan bags from Europe. So if you are looking for fair trade bags, it doesn't have to be an imported product from Asia, but your choice could well be a vegan bag from Europe.