Matcha broom "Chasen" made of white bamboo

The matcha broom - Japanese Chasen - is indispensable for the traditional tea ceremony. This bamboo whisk with about 80 bristles is probably the most commonly used matcha whisk. It is equally suitable for all Japanese powdered teas. It can be used to whisk Matcha as Usucha (thin tea, approx. 80ml water per 1g Matcha) as well as Koicha (strong, thick tea, approx. 10ml water per 1g Matcha). It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

The chasen are handmade from a piece of bamboo. Here, an experienced person needs about two hours for the production of a single bamboo whisk from the first to the last step. The piece of bamboo is split again and again with a sharp special knife.

- Material: white bamboo


- Total length: about 10.5 cm. -Diameter handle: about 2.5 cm -Diameter broom head: approx. 6 cm -Number of bristles: approx. 76-82

Note on use and storage:

Under no circumstances should the Chasen be stored in closed containers when wet.


The matcha whisk is an important utensil for matcha preparation, as it allows the green tea powder to be mixed with the water without lumps, and only in this way can the full flavor of the tea unfold. It is a utilitarian item that will last a long time if well cared for, but not forever. To keep the chasen in good condition, please note the following:


A dry chasen tends to break the bristles when the matcha is whipped. Therefore, the bristles should be made supple by carefully twisting them in hot water before each use. After use, the chasen must dry. For this purpose, there is a special stand, called Kusenaoshi. The bamboo broom can dry quickly there. More importantly, it always maintains its shape on such a stand, but at the same time the inner ribs can unfold properly.

The bamboo broom was made from one piece of bamboo and is completely compostable.

The cultivation of bamboo is sustainable and resource-saving due to the low water consumption and the absence of pesticides. Unlike slow-growing trees, the bamboo plant does not die when its culms are cut down but regenerates from the underground widely branched root system. In addition, bamboo is the fastest growing raw material (in the peak up to 1 meter a day).


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