Naturamo - Organic Black Tea "Thiashola FOP

The precious vanilla beans give the tea its beguiling aroma. And all this without any additives! It is gentle to the stomach and mind. To give as a gift to loved ones or yourself! In the set with the Botiga box for tea!
- 16 g (8 tetrahedrons of 2 g each, individually enveloped)
- Botiga box (in purple)
- Elderberries
- Beetroot
- Carcade
- Rosehip peels
- apple pieces
- real bourbon vanilla (5%)
- marigold blossoms
Advantages Tea:
- 100% compostable
- without additional flavors
- made from renewable raw materials
- without additional hidden ingredients (Note for allergy sufferers!)
- raw materials from controlled organic cultivation
Advantages Box:
- not only suitable for tea
- 100% biodegradable
- made of bio-plastic
- without plasticizers
About Naturamo:
The company Naturamo has set a goal in the manufacture of products to make the planet more human. Therefore, special attention is paid to the best organic quality with 100% sustainability. Social commitment is also pursued for this purpose. The unadulterated and pure tea taste of Naturamo products offers a piece of quality of life for all.
Free from plastics
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
From recycled materials
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16 g - 46.88 per 100 g
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