Organic straws - drinking straws 15 cm 50 pieces

Organic straws drinking straws 15 cm 50 pieces
The straw drinking straws are the result of perfect cooperation with domestic organic farmers. They are cut by hand, sorted, washed, disinfected biologically and packaged.

Number: 50 pieces
Length: 150 mm
Sustainable advantages:
- Straw from certified organic farming
- certified by BIOLAND
- biodegradable
- made in Germany
- without chemicals
About organic straws:
The Bavaria-based company attaches great importance to honesty and reliability. Already 2000 years ago, the philosopher and Stoic Seneca recognized the following: Credibility depends on bringing words and deeds into harmony. Following the universal principle of cause and effect, we strive to preserve the natural life cycle of straws: from sowing, through the growth phase and harvest, to processing! In addition to organic and sustainable production, Bio Straws works with producers and farmers who also adhere to strict organic criteria and actively support the company in producing a high-quality natural product.
Free from plastics
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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