Organic Straws - Grass Paper Drinking Straws Gastro Box (500 pcs)

Bio straws grass paper drinking straws Gastro Box (500 pieces)
Grass paper drinking straws - The green alternative. 30% from dried grass and about 70% from cellulose. The grass comes from compensation areas that are not needed for food or feed production. In Germany, it is estimated that more than 7 million tons of grass are economically unused. The cellulose (paper) comes from sustainable forestry and is FSC certified. The grass paper drinking straws are food safe and of course free of lead, chlorine and plasticizers.

Content: 500 pieces with a length of about 21 cm and a diameter of about 6 mm.

They comply with the specifications of the EU for paper products that come into contact with food, i.e. the AP Directive (2002)1, the Regulation 1935/2004 and the limit specifications according to §§ 30,31 LFGB (Food and Feed Code). The packaging consisting of renewable raw materials is biodegradable and 100% compostable.

Sustainable advantages:
- Raw materials from organic farming - FSC certified paper, from sustainable forestry
- Recycled & Recyclable - The paper is recyclable or 100% compostable
- Conserving resources - Renewable raw material grass and cellulose (paper)
- Vegan - 100% free of animal ingredients - vegan

About organic straws
Honesty and reliability are a matter of honor for us! Already 2,000 years ago, the philosopher and Stoic Seneca recognized the importance: Credibility depends on bringing words and deeds into harmony. Since we are aware of the universal principle of cause and effect, we strive to maintain the natural life cycle of straw: from sowing to growing - from harvesting to processing! Satisfied customers around the globe enjoy our products today - but please see for yourself! We at Bio-Straws have internalized this attitude. In addition to organic and sustainable production, we work with producers and farmers who also adhere to strict organic criteria and actively support us in producing a high-quality natural product. Nice if we also convince you of this!

Free from plastics
Zero waste
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
From recycled materials
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