SWAK Tooth Salt in Jar

SWAK tooth salt in a jar

Hercömmliche toothpaste consists of about 80% of water and glycerin, often are also Schleifkörper of plastic included. When using toothpaste, fine abrasives (silicates) support the cleaning process and help to remove stubborn plaque. All natural and without plastic!
Content: 15 ml
Dab the moistened head of the toothbrush into the tooth salt container and then use it to thoroughly clean your teeth. The tooth salt can be considered as a toothpaste concentrate. Therefore, you should always apply salt to the head very sparingly!
- powdered miswak wood
- finely ground crystal salt
- small amounts of vitamin C and silicates
Advantages of the Miswak Branch:
- Fluoride (tooth enamel hardening)
- Silicate (gentle cleaning body)
- Vitamin C (preservative)
- Tannins (astringent)
- Saponins (dirtying)
- flavonoids (antibacterial)
- Potassium and calcium (remineralizing)
- 100% biodegradable
- without harmful plasticizers
- packaging largely plastic-free
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