Swilet - Organic diaper Maxi sz.4

Swilet Organic diapers - Maxi
The sustainable Swilet Biowindeln are made in Switzerland. You get a diaper with particularly high skin compatibility in organic quality.

Dermatologically confirmed with certificate "very good".

The Swilet bio diaper is produced with the currently highest possible proportion of renewable raw materials and is also suitable for neurodermatitis, diaper rash and for all children with particularly sensitive skin. All ingredients used in the eco diapers are subject to strict controls. The used chlorine-free bleached cellulose comes from sustainable forestry and is PEFC certified.

This breathable diaper lets, thanks to the organic outer film made from untreated and renewable raw materials air into the diaper,- the baby skin gets air to breathe. In order to reduce the environmental impact, the diapers, in addition to plastic, also avoid printing with dyes. All components of the Swilet bio-diaper are made with sustainability and skin compatibility in mind. The absorbent pad is made from the highest possible proportion of cellulose, which is also made from sustainably produced wood. The Swilet thus trumps better-known brands of eco-diapers, which are invariably produced far away (Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic) and have to be transported thousands of kilometers to us.

✓ Outer film: breathable - not laminated, completely natural, 100% biodegradable, made of corn starch
✓ Inner fleece: made of corn starch and sugar cane
✓ Side closures and wings: elastically adjustable, multiple sticking on and off possible
✓ Fit: anatomically shaped absorbent core and elastic leg cuffs, side leakage protection
✓ Skin compatibility: dermatologically tested and passed with certificate "very good"
✓ Production: production in Switzerland with the greatest possible proportion of biodegradable materials
✓ Life cycle assessment: cellulose made from PEFC-certified cellulose, produced in an environmentally friendly manner, CO2 compensation measures, packaging (bags) made from 85% bio-film, massive savings in fossil fuels due to short transport routes

Swilet - The Bio Diaper Gr. 4 Maxi 7-18Kg (40 STK) bags

- Skin-compatible organic diaper (Dermatologically tested with rating "excellent")
- Absorbent pad made of certified cellulose (PEFC)
- Natural non-woven cotton (PLA)
- Lateral leakage protection
- 100% free of chlorine and bleach and without fragrances
- Made in Switzerland with over 25 years of experience

Product composition:
Absorbent pad: FSC certified cellulose (totally chlorine-free bleached); Superabsorbent: polyacrylate; Outer material: breathable laminate PLA film (corn starch) with viscose nonwoven (FSC); Distribution layer: polyester/polypropylene ;Inner nonwoven: PLA / Green PE (corn starch/sugar cane)nonwoven; Leakage protection and leg closure: polypropylene nonwoven and polyurethane elastic threads; Velcro: polypropylene; Velcro: PE film /polypropylene nonwoven; Front ears: Polypropylene/Polyethylene; Adhesives; Bag: Green PE (>85% from renewable resources);
No latex, no lotion, no perfume

The alternative to traditional disposable diapers, providing children with the best possible comfort. This Swiss organic diaper is perfect for all children. Especially for sensitive skin, allergies or other dermatological conditions. It has been awarded the FSC, Naturmade Star, Oeko Tex, Climate Neutral and Original Dermatest labels. This organic diaper is produced in an environmentally friendly way and made from renewable and 100 percent biodegradable raw materials. It impresses with a high wearing comfort and is very skin-friendly.

Breathable: for the benefit of the child, an additional synthetic non-woven fabric on the outer film is dispensed with during production. This allows sufficient air to pass through the microscopic pores into the diaper area. The baby's skin stays dry, can breathe and avoids unnecessary irritation of the skin. The organic diaper was awarded "excellent" by Dermatest. The elastic side closures and the side leakage protection ensure a perfect fit.

Environmentally conscious: The organic diaper consists of the highest possible proportion of renewable raw materials. The outer film and the diaper bag are almost 100 percent microbiodegradable, made from corn and sugar cane starch. With the highest possible percentage of biodegradable materials, the diaper is highly environmentally friendly and made with certified ingredients. In addition, the diaper pad is made of cellulose, obtained from wood from sustainably managed forests.

About Swilet
with over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of baby diapers Swilet has been one of the first producers of a bio diaper on the way. Today you can offer your customers a state-of-the-art and over two-thirds of degradable materials existing bio-diaper which also has an excellent skin friendliness.


Zero waste
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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