TwistOut - drain rod

TwistOut drain rod,
The ecological drain rod made of beech wood
TwistOut is an innovative drain rod made of 100% beech wood. The TwistOut is inserted with the sharpened side into the drain and manually rotated around its axis. The residue winds up on the rod and remains securely stuck in its grooves when pulled out.

Pack contents: 1-pack of 8 rods / 5-pack of 40 rods

Surface: Untreated and spiral

Wood type: PEFC beech wood

Length: 40cm

Diameter: 6mm

Weight: 8 g

The used TwistOut can be disposed of in the compost or household waste.

Link to the product video of TwistOut

This way, the TwistOut can be effortlessly pulled out of the siphon together with the residue and disposed of.
Why complicated, if it is also simple?
With TwistOut we solve a common drainage problem in a functional and simple way - without chemicals, completely natural and hygienic.

Sustainable advantages:
- Without plastic (product and packaging)
- Without chemicals
- Sustainable
- Compostable
- Easy and hygienic handling
- Efficient result in seconds
- Lightweight and space-saving
- Made in Germany (confection: Workshop for people with impairment in southern Germany)

About TwistOut
TwistOut is a Swiss startup. Our drain wand clears clogged drains in an instant and solves the problem without chemicals or plastic. The naturally sustainable drain cleaner from Höhle der Löwen Switzerland! Made in Germany.

Free from plastics
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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