Unicorn condoms Tyrannosaurus Sex BIG (57mm)

Vegan Condoms BIG Tyrannosaurus Sex
Let's start with a Fun Fact! Did you know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is related to the chicken' In fact, dinosaurs have more in common with today's birds than with crocodiles or lizards! Hard to believe, but true. Now what does that have to do with the new einhorn condoms BIG' We don't know exactly either...
But here come more incredible facts that are relevant at this point:
- unicorn condoms BIG come in size 57 mm, providing comfortable space if the standard ones have been too tight so far.
- einhorn condoms BIG are vegan, animal-free and offer a special bell shape für more Gefühl
- einhorn condoms BIG come in a unique chipstüte, designed with love and recommended by dinosaurs
- unicorn condoms BIG are designed with love and are just as much fun as the standard ones
Most important Fun Fact: Whoever reads this is not stupid, but likes dinosaurs. So go ahead, get yours!
Packaging Design: Tyrannosaurus Sex BIG
7x condoms (with lubricating gel coating (silicone base), individually packaged)
1x instruction manual
Weight: 14 g (total)
Size: 57 mm nominal width
Color: Natural colors
Material: 100% natural rubber latex from Malaysia
- 100% electronically tested
- Tapped in Thailand
- NEW: Chipstüte 100% made of paper, recycled and recyclable
- all information also on the back of the packaging
- fair and social
- resource friendly
- vegan (certified)
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