Vegan sneakers and trainers for men

They go with every outfit, are comfortable and just so stylish, sneakers are more fashionable today than ever before. However, they are more than just fashion, they stand for an attitude to life that we can express with them. The message to wear vegan sneakers says a lot about you! You care about the environment, the animals and the people involved. Our vegan shoes are not "just" vegan, but they use sustainable materials and are produced under fair conditions that are often more durable than conventional materials. With our eco sneakers, you still don't have to sacrifice style, because especially small vegan sneaker brands have unusual models on offer.

Particularly great is that you can also use many of the trainers directly as sports shoes. White sneakers are currently very trendy, but dare to wear colour! If you're looking for plain sneakers for the office, you'll also find them here.

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Zero waste
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled