DENTTABS - bulk pack of toothbrush tablets without fluoride

DENTTABS bulk pack toothpaste tablets without fluoride
Naturally shiny, beautiful and ultra-smooth teeth.Due to the high proportion of cellulose DENTTABS clean and polish your teeth ultra-smooth instead of cleaning them "only". As a result, "caries bacteria" and plaque practically no longer find a target. Perfect for your sensitive teeth and tooth necks!

Perfect for really large families, clubs and of course unpacked stores...

10,000-bag DENTTABS toothpaste tablets (approx. 3.15kg bags; compostable)

DENTTABS toothpaste tablets- polishing instead of brushing

Every morning and every evening, chew one tablet until it becomes creamy. Then mix with saliva, moisten your toothbrush as desired and off you go. You brush your teeth as usual. Thanks to the high proportion of cellulose polish your teeth now ultra smooth.

Vegan: No animal ingredients or auxiliary materials are used. Likewise, we can exclude any contamination with animal impurities in the manufacturing process.

DENTTABS are: glutamate and gluten free.

Only essential ingredients
- no microplastics,
- No aluminum compounds,
- without bacterial, fungal inhibitors,
- no consistency enhancers,
- no preservatives
- no hormonally active parabens
- no PEG's,
- no dyes nor titanium dioxide.

Made in Germany. Developed in Berlin and produced in Germany.

Ingredients - DENTTABS - without fluoride toothbrush tablets

Microfine cellulose fibers (Microcrystalline Cellulose) polish your teeth ultra smooth to the interdental spaces. Therefore, new particles simply roll off the tooth surfaces, plaque (plaque) can practically not even arise.

Amisoft (Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate) is a surfactant (soap), which combines the loosened proteins and fats with water to flush them out when rinsing. In AMISOFT, glutamic acid is esterified with coconut fatty acids. This chemical process combines two naturally occurring substances (coconut fatty acids and glutamic acid), losing their original properties. "Glutamates" should not be confused with the flavor enhancers used in the food industry - DENTTABS are glutamate and gluten free.

Stevia (steviosides) is a sweet-tasting plant that, together with the aroma and menthol, provides the good taste.

Silica serves as a cleaning agent and helps to remove any soft plaque.

Natural (mint) aroma together with stevia and the menthol provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and a "cool" and fresh breath.

Sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate) more commonly known as "soda", together with vitamin C adjusts the pH to 5.5.

Vitamin-C (ascorbic acid) together with sodium hydrogen carbonate (see above) regulates the pH and stimulates the flow of saliva. The increased salivary flow causes faster remineralization of the tooth surfaces.

Magnesium stearate (magnesium stearate) is a vegetable excipient used for tablet production.

Menthol, together with stevia and the mint flavor, provides the pleasant "freshness afterwards".

Xanthan gum is a natural thickener and gelling agent and provides the pleasant creaminess after chewing DENTTABS toothpaste tablets.

Eugenol is part of the natural mint flavor.

DENTTABS are free of preservatives, germ-inhibiting substances, binders and contain neither aluminum nor nanoparticles.

DENTTABS are based on the idea of Mr. Prof. Dr. Peter Gängler. The result was a highly effective granules with many advantages that a conventional toothpaste so can not offer. It turned out that few ingredients are the answer to sustainable dental care. The brothers Axel and Matthias Kaiser have dedicated themselves to what is probably the most sustainable dental care of all and are taking DENTTABS all over the world.

Free from plastics
Zero waste
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Fair & Social
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