Einhorn - condoms from Einhorn, annual supply

Condoms are fun to use, to buy them not always.
With unicorn only fair and sustainably produced condoms come in the bag, which are also vegan. so get along without casein or other animal components. (In the production of condoms casein is used, a protein that occurs in cow's milk).


Vegan unicorn condoms environmentally friendly produced in an attractive packaging.


The one-horn annual supply consists of a total of 49 condoms (7 each in a package) with different designs.

50% of the profits go to social projects, e.g. rubber cultivation in Malaysia and youth education projects.

One bag contains:

* 7 pieces of unicorn condoms


* Individually packed

* 1 instruction manual

* Lubricating gel coating (silicone base)

* 54mm Nominal Width (Standard Size)

* 100% Electronically Tested

* Natural colors

* Bell-shaped (slightly roomier around the glans), with reservoir

* 100% natural rubber latex from Malaysia

* Tapped in Malaysia

* Designed in Berlin with love

* all details also on the back of the package

About einhorn condoms

The goal: A fair and sustainable condom - in a unique

We combine good design for an everyday lifestyle product with

fair business.

Our vision: with einhorn sex is not only fun, but you do


even something good.

Co2 neutral production
Fair & Social
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