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Condoms Glyde Ultra - Slimfit
Condoms Slimfit Glyde Ultra condoms are made from the highest quality natural rubber latex. The patented double-dipping process makes them extra strong without requiring a thicker wall thickness.

Content: 10 condoms / 100 condoms (individually packaged)

Color: transparent
Shape: cylindrical
Lubricant: moistened
Length normal (175 -190 mm)
Material: latex, hypoallergenic
Nominal width: narrow (up to 52 mm)
Reservoir: with reservoir
Wall thickness: Medium (0.06 to 0.07 mm)

Vegan (awarded the "Vegan Flower", the logo of the British Vegan Society)
Contain no substances of animal origin
Developed and manufactured without animal testing
Natural dyes and flavors
From natural rubber latex

About Glyde // Sheer® GLYDE
The condoms and dams of the Glyde brand were the first condoms / dams in this country to carry the "Vegan" logo of the British Vegan Society. For this reason, they are not only in Europe one of the most popular condom brands among all animal opponents and vegans. But they are also very popular among non-vegans. Outstanding quality, hypoallergenic latex and an amazingly large selection convince many customers for the condoms from faraway Australia.

Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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