Reddo Terra Naturkosmetik

For us, our company combines our passions for nature conservation and science. It all started in 2014, after the birth of our first daughter. At that time, we became aware of the traces left by our way of life on earth. We wanted to change something and started doing our best at home, avoiding waste, recycling, saving energy, and creating living spaces in the garden. A few years later I started to combine my knowledge of chemical engineering with environmental protection by making my own natural cosmetics in our kitchen – biodegradable and without packaging. My husband and I realized that this was exactly what we wanted to do to help protect the environment while pursuing our joy in biochemical development. At this point, Reddo Terra was born with a vision to offer natural and sustainable skin care that uses the power of nature to care for your skin and hair. Reddo Terra  is Latin for “giving back to the earth” and that’s what our company is all about. We want to provide you with the nature-based products you need for your daily personal hygiene while ensuring maximum respect for the earth and our environment. Our commitments to you and the environment are: We have the knowledge and experience to ensure we bring you a quality product: I have a master’s in chemical engineering and have the chemical and process knowledge needed to develop natural-based cosmetic products that do not harm your skin. Erik did his doctoral thesis in the field of biotechnology and has many years of experience in biological process development and “good manufacturing practice” in pharmacy. He ensures that our production line runs smoothly and to the highest quality standards. Our products are made with high-quality, natural raw materials: We use the power of nature to make cosmetics that are gentle on the skin and on the environment. We use essential oils not only because of their amazing scents but also because of their natural properties. We color our products using plants and clays. We use only COSMOS and Ecocert approved preservatives in very small amounts. Our formulations do not use sulphates, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrances, or artificial pigments. We avoid as much as we can palm oil in our products. Unfortunately, many raw materials are derived from palm oil, and in case we use any of these raw materials we make sure to buy raw materials derived from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Our products are plastic free: our labels are made of grass paper which is made with local grass and cuts emissions and energy consumption in the process by 50% compared to fresh fiber paper. Additionally, we use as less packaging material as possible. We put a big effort and make tons of research to use as much as possible Biodegradable and non-pollutant raw materials in our products: As you know, many cosmetic products are washed into the drain when you use them. Many cosmetic raw ingredients are extremely harmful to the environment and water organisms. We have taken very long developing our products because we want to make sure to avoid pollutant ingredients as much as we can in our formulas. Our raw ingredients are therefore more expensive, less available and in many cases a bit difficult to work with, but it is all worth it to protect our mother earth. Family Business FAMILY BUSINESS   Our products are all handmade. We produce our natural cosmetics in small batches and develop our products with care, not trying to make them cost-effective but thinking about providing you with top products that will nurture your skin, are sustainable, and protect our environment so that our kids can enjoy our earth for years to come.


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