Washing ball Premium in fesch & fair shopping net

Wash Ball Premium in fesch & fair shopping net

The Original ENERGY WASH BALL - Vegan and ökologisch Washing.

None of the otherwise worldwide offered washbälle or wash balls contain this combination of ceramic balls with this composition and effect of micro-organisms and bacteria.The Total Effective Micro Organisms contained in the wash ball produce a wash water qualityät, just like the conventional chemical detergents do.The surface tension of the water is lifted and the dirt particles and stains lösen from the clothes. The laundry becomes hygienically clean!

Included in the set:



1 x info brochure

1 x fesch & fair net (Suitable as a Wäschenetz; Größe approx: 40 x 30 cm)



  • never buy washing powder and fabric softener again
  • .
  • especially skin-friendly for sensitive children's skin!
  • without chemicals (surfactants) – ideal for allergy sufferers
  • .
  • without bleach – colorful linen retains its color
  • .
  • the laundry becomes soft – without softeners!
  • removes odors reliably and permanently
  • .
  • removes even tough stains!
  • saves at least 50% electricity – 30°C genügen
  • Cost savings
  • Clean water, as no detergent is fed into the waters
  • .

At one Wäsche per day (5 kg), the ENERGY WASHING BALL is effective for three to seven years. To maintain the effect, place the ENERGY WASHING BALL at least two to three times a month for one hour in´s daylight / sunlight, so that the ceramic Kügelchen can regenerate.


Use instructions:
Separate white and colored wash. Place the ENERGY WASHING BALL in the middle of the laundry in the drum. Turn on the washing machine. After washing, take out the clean and environmentally friendly washed clothes. Store the ENERGY WASHING BUG in a dry place.

How does washing without detergent work? With the new ENERGY WASHING BALL!
The Total Effective Micro-Organisms contained in the ENERGY WASHING BALL produce water qualityät, just like the conventional, chemical detergents do. The combination of different micro-organisms ensures that the surface tension of the water is released and dirt particles and stains can be removed from the clothes. In addition, the germs are killed and the laundry becomes hygienically clean. The ENERGY WASHING BOWL has an antibacterial effect and eliminates all unpleasant odors, including perspiration. However, a very important aspect is our skin. Especially sensitive children's skin, but also dry and itchy skin of adults, is often a reaction to Rückststunde from detergents. These problems disappear gänzlich!

TEM – Total Effective Micro-Organisms
The ceramic hard stones in the ENERGY WASHING BALL contain TEM organisms that lead to a positive change in the water structure.


1. Photosynthetic bacteria
These bacteria use sunlight to synthesize organic substances. The bacteria produce substances such as sugars, aminosäacids, nucleinsäacids, and bioactive substances, among others. The präsence of photosynthetic bacteria is the reason why the ENERGY WASHING BALL needs to regenerate in the sun.


2. Lacticäure bacteria
These bacteria produce lacticäure from sugars and other carbohydrates produced by the photosynthetic bacteria and yeasts.
Some products, such as yogurt, have been produced with these bacteria for decades. Nevertheless, lactic acid has a high sterilizing power. It destroys unwanted microorganisms and causes fermentation. In addition, the lactic acid ensures the degradation of lignites, preventing their deposition in the body.



3. The yeasts
The yeasts synthesize antimicrobial and other substances necessary for plant growth from aminoüacids and sugars produced by photosynthetic bacteria and plant roots. The yeasts produce bioactive substances such as hormones and enzymes that promote cellular activity and cell division.

4. hard stones - Ceramics
The microorganisms are burned together with the hard stones and can so give your effect dosed. How this is done in detail is the secret of the inventors. The effect of each type of stone is increased the more other types of stones are present at the same time. All the components of these hard stones are pure, natural substances extracted from the earth. Each hard stone has different properties. Some promote the ability of water to penetrate the tissue and change the pH, others avoid splitting into (H+ and OH-) ions and have an anti-oxidant effect, others emit infrared rays or reduce the oxidizing power of water, still others protect water against contamination by bacteria and activated carbon is known to remove odors.


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