Dr. Martens - Jadon Max Vegan

Jadon Max Vegan - vegan boot by Dr. Martens

  • Yellow Goodyear welt stitching
  • Rippled sole
  • White strap
  • 5.6 cm high quad max sole
  • The sole is not only stitched, it is welded to the shoe

The boot is mega stylish and incredibly durable. The material is soft but still very robust. Goodyear products are heat-sealed at 700°C and reinforced with a signature welt seam.

Why Dr. Martens? Dr. Klaus Martens developed a new type of air-cushioned shoe sole in 1945. To date, shoe soles consisted of hard leather, he thus created a completely new approach. To this day, the quality of Dr. Martens is considered unsurpassed. The soles are absolutely durable and are literally fused to the shoe at 700 °C. If you are looking for shoes that should last for years, then you are exactly at the right address with the boots of Dr. Martens!

Co2 neutral production
Fair & Social
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